How Important are they in the Post Hummingbird-Panda-Penguin

Keyword stuffing (over-optimization)

Google always emphasizes the natural human style and balance. Balance is emphasized in SEO. If you don’t, you could be a penguin. Similarly, using repetitive words in the description. It comes in keyword stuffing, and Penguin is built for that. Therefore, it is better to use it only once in the description

Bad Anchor Text:

This means that whenever you create a link somewhere. So there is a text with these links, clicking on which will take you to this site, where the text of this link used to write different kinds of words in many different places. When it comes to spamming, you are creating a link to your site, so name your site and not target any other word on every other form.

Irrelevant Backlinks:

If you create backlinks for your website, then the website should be related to the topic of your website. Not that your site is SEO and you are creating backlinks to your blog on the vegetarian website.

Whatever you have written. This will satisfy the other, who comes to this site. If your answer is yes, then hopefully Google’s algorithm won’t hit. Your grammar and spelling are fine, and your organization is fine, as in an article written for a new user. Arranged it in the best way. You also posted related articles in this article, and you also provided photos. I also gave a half video and your keyword title and description are fine, and finally gave a summary. Some people even shared it. Some people made comments and you answered, so understand that you are writing something good for you people, and all this was not copied. You wrote at least 500 words, and everything on your site is fine, some of the content is visible, but not all the ads. The structure of your website is also fine. Menu and sub-menus and categories etc. are made perfect. Given the sitemap, you did this so you escaped the panda.


You are not creating these natural links. Bots and software are not used. In the title description permalinks, I am not using the word twice, ie I am not optimizing, it all comes down to optimization and the keyword density in the article is less than 3%, and I am not buying backlinks. Where up links are made. There you did not use different words in the anchor text.

Your site is on any topic, such as fashion and you are not building your backlinks on a site that is not related to your site. If you don’t want these two algorithms to hit you, then ask yourself if Google is so advanced now that it’s harder to cheat, and the only people who succeed are Google. Working according to the guideline.

How do you know if you’ve been a victim of a panda or a penguin, then check in Google Webmaster Tools or look in Google Analytics?

You will see, your traffic is gradually decreasing. So understand that your website has been hit by a Google algorithm.

Flower Penguin Recovery:

Here too we will talk about the automatic Google Penguin hit. This is not a site level, which means that part of the site is hit and traffic is down in search engines. Is. Whether or not she comes to her first condition.

Google Algorithm Hummingbird:

We discussed the first two algorithms. Now, this is the third logarithm, which is important in terms of SEO.

There are other things as well

  • Google DMCA Pirate
  • Google Exec Domain Match
  • Google Knowledge Graph

Hummingbird is basically a search system, there is no specific algorithm. Google’s search system has moved on. It looks at how the website looks on mobile. Your website should be mobile friendly and nowadays bloggers’ templates and Word Press themes are by default mobile friendly.

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