What Makes Search Engine Marketing the Best Form of Advertising

What do we do wrong when searching for keywords? Suppose we go to Google AdWords, enter our keywords in it after various settings and then look up the searches in it. The searches are fifty thousand and written with, Lo Competition. And we’ve got this awesome word. There are more and more searches and competition are also low. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. He would have been the campaign of the AdWords campaign, that would have given place to the people in his wood who would have run their campaign on his word through Google AdWords, and we would have ranked it as a ranking competition.

For example, if we see competition for someone’s word, if it is “take”, then we think that keyword is good. While it may actually be a word of high competition. He should not see this place where we are looking. There will be discussions on where to look for keyword competition.

What Do We Do Wrong When Choosing A Website Topic?

If we divide websites into certain categories, these 3 categories will be important

Product Based Niche Website:

To create a site on it, you need a product, Amazon, etc. Suppose I came across a weight loss product. You have created a website on this product, and it has to be ranked according to its keywords.

Niche Website:

I didn’t make it on the product. Site Blog Creating a site on a “nasty”. Like “Weight Loss” or made on the skin. Then you have to work on these products, which are about weight loss and skin.

Brand Website:

This is a great website. It doesn’t even have one thing in front of it. It won’t just come with weights or just skin. It will cover the whole “health”. It will include everything health, and what would we do wrong. We would create a site directly on the “brand”, in which everything would come and that would be our mistake. Nor can we rank so many words. We would not have had so many resources, not so much time and what would have happened, we would have failed and finally quit the job. Then say, put nothing in SEO. Obviously, when your first step starts with a branded website, failure is doomed. Obviously, health or health is such a big topic, they can’t be covered by you. Next to it would be the anti-branches, on which you have no knowledge, nor knowledge, and there would be more branches in the branches of health.

So all you have to do is work on “Product” or “Niche”.

It’s not just a matter of working on the brand, you don’t have the resources or the knowledge. So far we have learned what to do, and now we will talk, what not to do. What we have learned so far is called White Hat SEO.

No black hat SEO techniques to use:

No cloaking (a technique that shows search engines and is hiding from the user or showing the user something else and showing another page to the search engines) Comments should not be spammed. Whenever you comment on a blog, it should be such that it does not seem that we are commenting only to create backlinks and do not use bots and software.

Do not use specific words twice in titles, descriptions, tags.

Don’t over-optimize, that is, keep things in balance and don’t over-repeat the words. Don’t use links too much, get less, so it doesn’t matter as much as doing more?

  • Do not repeat keywords
  • Don’t use too many Ads
  • Do not copy

It will cause problems for you. Your site may be de-indexed and closed.

Don’t buy links:

Don’t create private blog networks. Do not create PBN. This is a blog that builds a network of backlinks. It can be successful in some places, but because of its naturalness, people often suffer.

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